SUGENRO - Your ultimate insulation choice
We create high cost-effective insulations for you, and for the good of a better nature.

For you

We care about your comfort as much as you do.

Innovation and functionality have been the central themes during our development journey for more than 20 years, to wrap you up with comfort and warmth. Suffering from the moisture too? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Sugenro is approved by over 100 global standards with certifications and trusted by more than 500 brands in the applications of sports wear, industrial wear, ourdoor wear, kids clothing, home furnishing, bedding, and so on.

For a better nature

We care about the Earth as much as we care about our own family.

Everything that we need to live and survive comes from nature, and Sugenro believes sustainability and performance can both be elevated with neither one sacrificed. That's the reason of our consistent innovation of R&D team.

We go green. Effective renewable energy technologies are highly involved in our manufacturing process, biodegradable products are made from natural material, post-consumer content is generated into sustainable pieces.

We go clean. A large number of fluorocarbon-free finishes are tested to ensure that the highest water repellent standards are achieved without compromising the environment.

Sustainability, our top priority.

Why Sugenro?
You can always trust this piece of insulation with high cost-performance value.

Cotton-Like Feel

Comfort, faith, the composure of knowing you are surrounded by a pleasure environment - Sugenro insulation is extraordinarily soft and smooth, and it can give you this feeling anywhere in the world. We provide you the same high loft and silky touch as traditional down.

Superior Warmth

It looks like down, and at the same time delivers comparable thermal performance to down feather. The innovative structure provides enhanced warmth while reducing weight - allowing for the freedom to design both highly technical apparel and fashionable pieces with a variety of silhouettes.


Designed for high-aerobic activities like running, hiking or skiing, this soft, packable and water-resistant insulation regulates users’ comfort levels during intense activity while keeping its durability - to last even through repeated washing and ironing.


When we first began experimenting with the idea of breathability, our focus was on getting the formula right so we could deliver a greater leavel of water repellent performance. From perfectly fitting fashion apparel to natural-feeling bedding to versatile athletic apparel, Sugenro has the solution to keep you dry all day long.

We collect post-consumer plastic bottles from waterways, coastal areas and landfills and transform them into products, which are traceable and certificated. Creating Sugenro sustainable fiber means there is no reason to make sacrifices to the environment in order to perform well.

Our engineers develop materials that offering a comfortable balance of coziness and breathability at an affordable price-point, you can always find a place from us to escape after a long day.

Our goal is never just to create products from recycled materials, we are making them to be recycleable. Meaning that our products can be given a new usage and purpose repeatedly with same excellent performance over and over again.

We are on a mission to help protect our planet. From carbon reducing manufacturing practices, to innovative renewable manufacturing technologies, lessening our impact on Earth is at the forefront of everthing we do.

The Sugenro product range offers

• Solutions for active sportswear, industrial wear, camping, outdoor wear, kids wear, home furnishings, bedding, and so on • High performance functions through innovative technologies

• A wide range of weights, fibers, textures and insulation levels • Excellent breathability, easy care, washability, and resistance to fiber migration • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified

• Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified