Discover the high cost-performance-value thermal insulation
made from 100% recycled polyester derived from recycled PET bottles
What is GRS?

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) sets the requirements for third-party certification of recycled materials and the chain of custody.

GRS aims to unify the definitions of recycled materials across multiple applications, to verify the contents of recycled materials in textile products, and to provide brand manufacturers and end consumers with a tool to make informed decisions that have lower environmental impact.

Sustainability has been an integral part of Sugenro’s entire product cycle for decades.
How do we make it happen?
From water bottles, to PET chips, then to insulation.

1 PET bottles are collected and generated from landfills

2 Bottles are cleaned and finely chopped into chips

3 Those chips are converted into Sugenro® products

Seek for green

The Sugenro GRS series represents Sugenro® contribution to sustainability: from the use of renewable fibers to products made from 100% recycled polyester.

In 2021, Sugenro produced more than
1214,833.64 KGS
of products with GRS certification.

1 ton of PET bottles

Reduces 1.29 tons of CO₂

21.4 trees with 10-year lifespan

* Calculations based on the RECON tool from United States Environmental Protection Agency (USA EPA.GOV)
High performance and sustainability can exist at the same time.
Go green, go clean.