Biodegradable Performance
using certified polyester fiber that features definitive biodegradability and superior performance qualities
We are breathing PLASTIC

Synthetic materials like microplastics are one of the causes of our global environmental pollution.

73% of waste garments are sent for incineration or land-fill. It significantly links to air pollution, the air we are breathing in everyday. In laboratory tests, microplastics have been shown to cause damage to human cells, including both allergic reactions and cell death.

We are drinking PLASTIC

Microplastics can get into the environment directly: for example, through synthetic textile fibers that are released when clothes are washed, microplastics pass unchanged through waterways into the ocean regardless how high quality the product.

Microplastics can even be found in tap water. 83% of tap water samples contain microplastics.

Did you know
Microplastics are small plastic particles which can be found in clothing that are made with synthetic fibers.
Many products contain microplastics, such as outerwear, bedding, sleeping bags, accessories, etc.
The U.N. has reported that more than 8 million tons of plastic will be found in teh ocean every year.
35% of microplastics in our oceans come from synthetic textiles.
67% of sharks have ingested microplastics derived from textiles.

—— So we created Sugenro® Bio insulation.
“Bioplastic products that are certified for industrial compostability are fully biodegradable.”
—— European Bioplastics
Sugenro® uses polyester with certificated biodegradability based on TUV Rheinland Test Report
95.4% biodegradable in 179 days under industrial compositing conditions