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​SUGENRO® x SORONA® Insulation

Functionalities High Heat Retention, Lightweight, Breathable, Environment-friendly
Component 100% polyester
Product Application Contexts Garment, Furniture, Home Textile, Shoe, Toy, Footwear, Glove
Width 152cm (60 inches)
Gram Weight 40gsm - 400gsm

SUGENRO® x SORONA®   Insulation


Sugenro® x Sorona® insulation is a high-performance insulation material that has been certified under the Common Thread certification system by Sorona® fabrics and is considered a part of the Sorona Aura Insulation Certification series. This product is composed of 24% Sorona® polymer bicostaple fiber with Aura Certification and 76% sugenro fiber. The Sugenro® x Sorona® series includes 6 models, namely DPE, DPG, DPS, DPP, STS, and DPL.

The DPE model is a highly insulated material composed of DuPont hollow bio-fibers, polyester fibers, and hollow polyester fibers. It features moderate breathability, high insulation, and excellent resilience, making it an ideal insulation material for military sleeping bags and outdoor leisure products.

The DPG model is a medium-to-high loft insulation material made from a blend of DuPont biofibers and polyester fibers. Its flat surface and lightweight, soft, and medium-high loftiness retain air and reduce airflow, making it even warmer. This insulation material is moderate in thickness, providing warmth without excessive bulk or weight, making it ideal for extreme cold weather conditions.

The DPS model is a medium-loft insulation material composed of composite bio-fibers and polyester fibers. It features ultrafine fibers and DuPont three-dimensional hollow bio-fibers that provide superior insulation performance and faster drying than down. This material is lightweight, soft to the touch, and has good compressibility recovery, excellent wind resistance, and natural drape, making it an excellent combination with high-density soft and lightweight fabrics.

The DPP model is an ultra-strong insulation material composed of Sorona® bio-fibers, nanofibers, and Sugenro® fibers. It enhances human blood microcirculation, has UV resistance, IR heat reflection resistance, good tensile strength, comfortable breathability, durability, and water resistance. It is suitable for military thermal insulation clothing, leisure clothing, outdoor sports clothing, bedding, and other applications.

The STS model is a ball-shaped insulation material composed of Sorona® bio-fibers and Sugenro® fibers. It features a soft and delicate texture, good compression resistance, and excellent fluffiness that can withstand repeated washing.

Finally, the DPL model is a loose-leaf insulation material composed of Sorona® bio-fibers and Sugenro® fibers. It has a delicate texture, super smoothness, excellent elasticity, and softness similar to down.

Overall, the Sugenro® x Sorona® insulation series provides a wide range of options for various insulation needs, from high insulation to medium loftiness, and from ball-shaped to loose-leaf. Its advanced materials and excellent insulation properties make it an ideal choice for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications.